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Be sure to utilize our resources to enhance your research, creative, and scholarly activities, experiences, and opportunities for you and your Undergraduate Students.

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Advance Pathways

The three Advance Pathways (Basic, Distinction, & Excellence) will increase the quality of students' knowledge and marketable skills in research, creativity, and scholarship. Students have the opportunity to complete designated courses and co-curricular activities to earn the Advance attribute on their transcript. The completion of Advance Pathways enhances the influence of UL Lafayette's R1 status.

What is Advance?

Advance: Faculty Impact

Student Learning Outcomes

Advance activities support the following Student Learning Outcomes (SLO):

  • SLO 1: Students will acquire and demonstrate knowledge, skills, and abilities to complete an SRE.
  • SLO 2: Students will recognize the value of research, scholarship, and creativity in developing and improving knowledge, and in facilitating learning.
  • SLO 3: Students will demonstrate the skills necessary to articulate the results of an SRE in appropriate formats, venues, and delivery modes.


Advance is a significant step for UL Lafayette in the establishment of a highly effective UR program. Although the University aims eventually to produce a comprehensive UR program, Advance focuses narrowly on three goals that create the conditions for SLOs to be met.

  1. Provide more students with the opportunity to complete an SRE.
  2. Develop a campus culture that supports and rewards participation in high-impact research, scholarship, and creative activities.
  3. Prepare students to present and publish their work.


UL Lafayette is dedicating significant personnel and financial resources to support student research activities. Resources will be used for

  • Student Travel Grants 
  • Student Center for Research
  • Faculty Grants for student research
  • UL Lafayette's Undergraduate Research Conference
  • UL Lafayette Institutional Repository
  • Advance Development Workshops
  • Writing Center Enhancements