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Academic Mentoring Matters (AMM)

Academic Mentoring Matters (AMM) is a program that started within the Ray P. Authement College of Sciences, in which students taking certain science courses can be tutored one-on-one by students who have already taken these classes and earned an "A." All of our mentors volunteer 2 hours a week to be available to any students taking a number of courses in Biology, Chemistry, as well as Computer Science. Since the beginning of Academic Mentoring Matters in 2014, the program has been helping out fellow students as we embark on the academic journey to success. Throughout the years, AMM has grown in both the number of mentors and in the number of students using the program. Academic Mentoring Matters is completely free for students to use! We strive every day to enrich the experiences of each student by allowing students to help others and to be helped by their peers.