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Student Center for Research, Creativity, & Scholarship (SCRCS)

The initial mission of the Student Center for Research, Creativity, & Scholarship (SCRCS) is to implement, administer, and assess the Advance: Student Research Experiences program, which is the University's Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP).
The Advance Program engages students while they "practice" their discipline while reinforcing transferable competencies and sharpening their analytical and critical thinking skills.

The Advance Student Research Experience (ASRE) Pathways expands research, skills and hands-on experiences for undergraduate students.

The ASRE Pathways (Distinction & Excellence) increases the quality of students' knowledge and marketable skills in research, creativity, and scholarship.

Each Pathway includes curricular and co-curricular requirements specific to each major that encompasses research, skills, and dissemination. The Pathways documents for each major indicate requirements and footnotes that give more information on what would be considered for that requirement.

SCRCS supports Advance activities:
  1. Teach and inform students of the research experiences that are available in the various disciplines on campus.
  2. Connect and guide students as they seek resources that will allow them to acquire and demonstrate knowledge, skills and abilities for completing Student Research Experiences (SRE).
  3. Assist and support students while they complete Student Research Experiences.
  4. Assist and support students in articulating the results of their SRE in written and oral delivery modes, encouraging them to present and publish their work.
  5. Increase the number of students completing SREs.
  6. Support the development of a campus culture that rewards and values participation in high-impact research, scholarship and creative activities.
  7. Assist faculty while they assist students working on SREs.