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Student Center for Research, Creativity, & Scholarship (SCRCS)

Advance has established the Student Center for Research, Creativity & Scholarship (SCRCS).

The initial mission of SCRCS is to implement, administer and assess Advance: Student Research Experiences. The center will become a centralized source of information on student research, creativity and scholarship at UL, Lafayette.

The center supports Advance activities:

  1. Teach and inform student of the research experiences that are available in the various disciplines on campus.
  2. Connect and guide students as they seek resources that will allow them to acquire and demonstrate knowledge, skills and abilities for completing Student Research Experiences (SRE)
  3. Assist and support students while they complete Student Research Experiences
  4. Assist and support students in articulating the results of their SRE in written and oral delivery modes, encouraging them to present and publish their work
  5. Increase the number of students completing SRE’s
  6. Support the development of a campus culture that rewards and values participation in high-impact research, scholarship and creative activities


UL Community Greets (SCRCS)

My hope is that the Center allows students to engage in hands-on learning that connects their passion and discipline. I believe the Center's value is providing support to students and faculty to create learning experiences that expand beyond the typical classroom experience. There is a quote by John Dewey that hangs across from my desk "If we teach today's students as we taught yesterday's, we rob them of tomorrow." The Center is about finding new ways to learn so that students can achieve the promise of tomorrow.

Robert McKinney, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs

I expect the Student Center for Research to play a pivotal role in centralizing student activity around research, creativity, and scholarship. I hope the Center stays focused on student outcomes. I expect it to connect students to research opportunities,  amplify student research successes, and serve as a central space and organizing entity for co-curricular research activity. As the Center’s mission takes hold, I expect students in every college to see research, creativity, and scholarship as foundational to a university education. As a faculty member, I hope the Center creates sustainable and effective activities and processes to connect the disparate pieces that constitute student research at UL.

Randy Gonzales, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of English
Coordinator, Professional Writing

ADVANCE will help students "practice" their discipline while reinforcing transferable competencies and sharpening their analytical skills.

Blanca T. Bauer, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs, 
Institutional Effectiveness

I would like to see the SCRCS provide information and tools to increase the creation and visibility of research within the College of Liberal Arts! I know that the college has tremendous talent within its faculty and students, but I'm not sure if the University (as a community) is aware of the amazing research being done.

Jami S. Rush, Ed.D.
Associate Director , The Learning Center

SCRCS will engage students in a variety of ways to promote undergraduate research. The Center will create a community of faculty, fellow students, departments, administration, library professionals, the Writing Center and other partners to provide a foundation of undergraduate research. Through student research experiences, research-supportive curricula, travel grants, workshops, awards and other resources and opportunities, the Center will enable students to become producers of knowledge and creativity.

Sheryl Curry
Associate Professor and 
Assistant Dean of Technical Services, Edith Garland Dupré Library

My aspirations for the best possible student center are exactly what is stated within the question: research, creativity, and scholarship. Students who participate in this center should be able to do research that will enable them to develop independent critical thinking skills along with oral and written communication skills. This student center should also allow students to be creative as possible, pushing them to think outside of the box and how they have never before. Lastly, students who work in this student center should feel as though they are scholars; this can be by rewarding them with a scholarship/stipend for the hard work that will be put into the research or just by being treated as so (certificates, polos, etc...). Student centers, such as this one, give students hands-on experience at what they might want to do in the future, so it's very important that students receive the best experience possible!

Guy Harry Jr.
Undergraduate Student, Biology
Student Orientation Staff Leadership Team
SGA College of Sciences President &Assistant Director - The Big Event

I would like for the center to be a resource area that helps promote, encourage, and support students wanting to learn how they can gain more about interest topics they may have both in and out of the academic classroom.   I also see this center as helping students improve their skill set and competencies associated with conducting research that will not only help them in their academic disciplines but also show them how to implement them in their chosen fields after graduation.

Giroir, Christopher, Ph. D.
Associate Professor, Education Foundations and Leadership

I hope that the Student Center for Research, Creativity, and Scholarship will provide a way in which both students and professors will strive to gather new knowledge and educate others about topics that they are interested in! I also hope the that Center provides an environment that fosters strong relationships between students and professors to conduct the most effective research possible.

Hiba Fazal-Ur-Rehman
Undergraduate student, Psychology and biology

The Department of Allied Health recognizes the value of research and scholarship for our undergraduate students.  Our senior students are introduced to research methods in the curriculum but we hope to work more closely with the Student Center for Research, Creativity, and Scholarship in designing robust research projects to further their experience and expertise in scholarly activities.

Anita Hazelwood, Ed.D., RHIA, FAHIMA
Professor and Department Head, Allied Health
College of Nursing and Allied Health Professions

I want the Center to help spark creativity, open doors to multi-disciplinary collaborations, and help nurture a lifelong love for learning.

Kumer Pial Das, Ph.D.
AVP for Research, Innovation and Economic Development and 
Assistant Provost

I envision a space of robust idea exchange where students and faculty can expand their understanding of what constitutes research, creative works, and scholarship.  A place where new ideas are formed, formed ideas are supported as they develop into methodologies, and fully realized projects can be disseminated across campus and beyond.

Michael McClure, AIA, FAAR
Interim Dean, College of the Arts

Scholarship for me is about inspiring change, promoting discovery, and growing a community of learning. Scholarship is a prescient verb. The transformation of curiosity into action. It acts as a process for initiating, planning, testing, and going on a mental adventure to get a resultant conclusion to this curiosity. The Student Center for Research, Creativity & Scholarship gets to act as that central guide helping our explorers toward the peak of their first research 'overlook.' There they are given the tools to bring it all together and commence being an academic contributor to their field.

Ryan Winters, M.S., L.P.C.
Academic Advisor Coordinator, Honors Program

My aspiration for the best possible Student Center for Research, Creativity, & Scholarship is for the center to be intentionally diverse. With the University priding itself on diversity, a center designed specifically to further research on minority groups and topics of interest of minorities would provide a haven for students who are interested in research. I would like to say congratulations on the grand opening of the Student Center for Research, Creativity & Scholarship!

Lauren Brooks
Undergraduate student,Psychology & Pre-med Major, Chemistry Minor
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
UL Lafayette Youth and College Chapter President

Our university has a wealth of untapped talent in the undergraduate student population.  My aspirations for the best possible Student Center for Research are focused on having the center as a primary resource that would assist undergraduate students in producing top-quality, high impact research in addition to providing rewards for performing independent research.  I envision undergraduate nursing students working with our community of interest, conducting research, and participating in quality improvement projects to create better healthcare outcomes.  I also foresee the center facilitating relationships between students with specific interest and faculty content experts.

Deedra Harrington, DNP, MSN, APRN, ACNP-BC
Associate Professor/Graduate Faculty/ BSN Coordinator
AACN – Leadership for Academic Nursing Fellow
Adrian Vega/BORSF Professorship in Nursing
College of Nursing and Allied Health Professions

I hope that the Student Center for R, C, and S will energize students to do research, even if they thought research was out of their league.

Bruce Wade, Ph.D.
Department Head & C.B.I.T. TC/LEQSF Regents Professor
Department of Mathematics

I hope that every student might experience directly our investment in the idea that they are not just here to receive the ideas and techniques that comprise the disciplines we pursue at UL, but also to build on what they receive by making their own unique contribution.

Emily K. Sandoz, Ph.D.
Associate Editor, Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science
Associate Editor, Frontiers in Psychology
Emma Louise LeBlanc Burguieres/BORSF Endowed Professor of Social Sciences
Graduate Coordinator, Psychology M.S. Program

I’m looking forward to the opportunities the Student Center for Research, Creativity, and Scholarship will provide for students to explore research topics and gain experience in presentation and publication. I’m especially excited for the collaborative opportunities between the Library and the Student Center for Research, Creativity, and Scholarship.

Blair Stapleton
Assistant Dean of Public Services/Assistant Professor of Library Science
Edith Garland Dupré Library

Remember those science projects back in 5th grade? This was a lot of fun! Now you are in College and it's time to upgrade and gear up for even more fun with our undergraduate research activities. Some of them are even paid, just ask around your department!

Eric C. Ferre, Ph.D.
Director, School of Geosciences

To serve students and faculty in the scholarly discovery and dissemination of knowledge in order to better prepare students for the Knowledge Economy.

Colleen Carraher Wolverton, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Department of Management

When I think of the Student Center for Research, Creativity & Scholarship, I envision an environment that will promote open-mindedness, cohesion, and collaboration. It will be an excellent opportunity for students to learn about the work in subjects that are unfamiliar to them.

Lauren Prather, M.S.
Grant Development Associate, Office of Development