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Student Research Experiences & Opportunities

Advance Pathways

The three Advance Pathways (Basic, Distinction, & Excellence) will increase the quality of students' knowledge and marketable skills in research, creativity, and scholarship. Students have the opportunity to complete designated courses and co-curricular activities to earn the Advance attribute on their transcript. The completion of Advance Pathways enhances the influence of UL Lafayette's R1 status.

What’s a Student Research Experience?

A Student Research Experience (SRE) is an opportunity for students to apply knowledge, skills, and abilities to a project that is recognized in their field of study. We define an SRE as a sustained effort by a student to apply subject knowledge, skills, and abilities to a project that is valued by the discipline. An SRE may include

  • systematic inquiry in order to discover facts, principles, or perspectives;
  • contextual analysis or comparison to provide unique interpretations;
  • application of professional skills;
  • creation of unique visual and performing arts; and
  • production of documents that contribute to a discipline or community.

The features of an SRE vary by program with each program identifying discipline-specific goals and considering the opportunities available to students in that program. An ADVANCE SRE with distinction should culminate with a presentation, publication, performance, or other form of dissemination appropriate to the discipline.